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Everything You’ll Want To Know Before Your Vacation to Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to visit. It’s no wonder over thirty million visitors come from around the globe to explore its gorgeous array of islands along the Mediterranean Sea. From its natural environmental wonders to the endless array of ocean views along with the sunset, you will find yourself never wanting to leave.


If you are getting ready to embark on your island vacation to Greece, here are a few things you’ll want to know ahead of time so you can make the most of your experience.


Take It Slow


The people in Greece don’t believe in rushing through life, so be prepared to have your trip coast along with the same timeline. This is because the Greeks focus more of their lives on rest and family than they do on work. But there is also the classic siesta time which was meant to give people who lived in Greece a time to rest and take a break from being in the heat all day.


People will usually take naps and stores will be closed, so make sure to account for anything you might want to do during those hours in the afternoon. Double-check with your hotel, attractions you want to explore, and restaurants you may want to visit to ensure you aren’t showing up when the island is taking a rest.


Don’t Plan to Shop on Sunday


If you are visiting any of the local shops on a Sunday, expect for them to be closed. Just as we mentioned about living on island time, Greece is also a country that takes Sunday as a rest day. This means stores and restaurants will more than likely be closed. So make sure to double-check any of the places you intend to visit first.


Learn Your Basic Greetings, Directions, and Requests


The Greek language is beautiful but is also very intricate depending on where you come from. Along with learning some of the local language, it can also be extremely helpful to learn some of the basic greetings, directions, and requests while navigating directions or ordering lunch at local restaurants.


Visit More Than One Island


Going to Greece is more than likely not a quick plane or train ride for the usual tourist. It may have taken you several hours, if not an entire day of travel just to get to Athens. But with over 200 different islands along five various oceans and seas, you won’t want to make your only stop within the main city. Make sure that while you are visiting Greece, you take an opportunity to visit multiple different Greek islands.


But once you start exploring, you’ll realize very quickly that you will have to work with different ferries that don’t always run on time as you bounce from one island to the next. Instead of spending most of your vacation attached to your phone trying to navigate times or figure out directions, you definitely will want to consider taking a cruise around Greece.


Sail In Greece offers a wide range of gulet cruises to provide you with the most unique and memorable vacation experience you could imagine. For seven days, you will sail along with one of the five different oceans aboard one of their gulet cabins.


You’ll make different stops depending on which of the Greek gulet cruises you choose from, such as the Zante Cruise or the Ionian Cruise. Some are more intimate settings that are perfect for honeymoons or romantic getaways while others serve more people and create a more socializing type of environment. No matter which one you choose, you’ll find luxury and relaxation while you sail out into the open sea.


Plan To Bring Cash


While there are several places you can use cards, you may find yourself more in a snag than usual as most of Greece still primarily uses cash. There usually are plenty of ATMs that are available to use as they realize many of the tourists that visit from out of town are probably unaware.


Tipping Is Optional


If you live somewhere like the United States, you may be accustomed to tipping when you go out to eat. However, tipping in Greece is completely optional, regardless of what island you may be visiting. There is no suggested amount to tip and again is only up to you if you feel the need or desire to tip.


Just as a caution, there are some instances where gratuity will be included in your bill automatically. Always look at your check to see if it’s already been added.


Always Use Bottled Water When Staying on the Islands


While there is plenty of good drinking water available on the mainland, the Greek Islands don’t always allow you access to clean drinking water. There are even circumstances where the drinking water is scarce and is usually only used for household chores such as doing laundry or taking care of personal hygiene. Bottled water is very accessible so make sure to stock up or check with your gulet cruise crew to provide you with some.


Visit the Different Kinds of Beaches


While visiting Greece, you will learn very quickly how many different types of beaches exist. In Santorini, for instance, you will find one of the most unusual beaches. The volcanic landscape has created a unique beach known as the Red Beach at Akrotiri where the huge rock walls surrounding you, along with the sand beneath your toes, are completely red. There are also two black sand beaches on the island of Santorini called Perissa Beach and Kamari Beach.


If you’re visiting somewhere such as Corfu, you may want to stop and see Paleokastritsa. It’s a unique beach that has an equally unique history. It’s a village where the mythical Phaeacians once lived. Along with this village, you’ll find gorgeous beaches that have unbelievably local mountains as the backdrop of the landscape.


Your vacation to Greece is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and your experience should reflect that. If you want to avoid having to worry about what your trip will look like, talk to Sail in Greece to learn about a luxury, completely stress-free, once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard one of our many Greece gulet cruises. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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