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Privacy Policy

Sail in Greece adventures are committed to protect your personal information and this document clarifies all the details involved. By using our website or the tours we offer you are accepting to our use of your personal information.

  • Personal information. What is it? Why we collect it?

Sail in Greece Adventures gathers any personal information that is essential for the delivery of our services. Such information can be: your full name, age, home address, email address, phone number, passport details, insurance details, nationality, residency, personal preferences, credit card or any other payment information, etc. This information collected either through our website or directly, is necessary in order to provide you the requested tours. We also collect your personal data either when you subscribe to our newsletter or when you request our brochure and we will use this information only to offer you the requested service.

Bear in mind that while you are asking some particular services, your personal information might not be necessary to be provided you will have the option of refrain from. For instance, while you request for newsletter only your personal e-mail is necessary and no any other kind of information. If at any stage you need advice of which information is required feel free to contact us.

  • Personal information usage and disclosure

As we have already mentioned Sail in Greece Adventures uses all the provided information in order to offer you the requested services. This contains usage of personal information in order to: process with your booking or bookings, reply to your initial request with further information needed, subscribe in order to receive our newsletter, send you our special offers and accept and implement feedback on our services. Our main reasons for collecting personal information is to have a comprehensive understanding of your needs in order to satisfy them even better, provide you with all the necessary information regarding our products and services and make sure that safety and security is reassured.

Sail in Greece Adventures may also use your personal information in order to book extra services or products through our local suppliers on behalf of you. For instance, you might book an extra excursion through us and in order to complete your booking we will forward your personal details to our local partner. On the same time you will be deemed to have agreed that your personal information have been provided to a third party in order to enable to book your excursion.

  • Ways we protect your personal information

It is of paramount important to us the safety and the security of your personal information. Sail in Greece Adventures uses the highest technology in order to prevent any unauthorized trial for access on our high secure database. Specialist firewalls, high technology encrypted devices and fully secured passwords safeguard our valuable databases. Our team, our third party local suppliers such us excursion providers, transportation services have access to our database and literally no one else. All the members that have access to your personal information are fully aware that any unauthorized access or disclosure is prohibited.

  • Foreign Controls

We would like to inform you that outside the European Economic Area (EEA) controls regarding the data protection in such countries are likely not to be as strong as the legal requirements in this country.

  • How I access my personal information

If for any reason you have to verify, correct or delete your personal information you have provided to Sail in Greece Adventures (on our website) you have to perform in written and specifying your request, subject to certain limitations. In addition you have the right to withdraw the usage of your personal information at any time you wish and for any logical reason. In this case, and if you deny to provide the requested information to Sail in Greece Adventures in order to accomplish our product or service form, we cannot offer you the product or service.

Sail in Greece Adventures keeps in our database all the personal information that has been collected as long as it is needed taking into account the reason for which it was collected and any regulatory or legal obligations. We would like to inform you from time to time we might delete the travelers’ information.

  • Travelers complaints

We hope that it has been more than clear in this document that we take really seriously your personal information. If any of you that has joined our tours has any problems regarding the way we collected, used or disclosed information please send us an e-mail in the following address info@sail-ingreece.com or contact our customer support team on our 24/7 phone number. Our formal procedure is that after the acceptance of the complaint we will take all necessary steps in order to respond within 10 business days.

  • Cookies are……..?

Cookies are commonly used nowadays as a form of maximizing the user’s experience. But what is a cookie? Cookie is a plain text file that when a user visits a particular website a cookie has been sent to your web browser and monitors your personal activities. This way the particular website is able to understand your preferences and maximize your experience in the particular website.

  • How Sail in Greece Adventures make use of cookies

As you imagine already we also use cookies in our web office. The following are the occasions where we may use cookies:

a) to increase the speed of your booking procedure so as to avoid retyping the same information
b) to measure the number of people that visit or exit the website, number of people that visit a certain part of our website or details of particular searches in general
c) to keep track on your transaction from one page to another

Please bear in mind that while we use cookies we do not store or use any personal information.

  • Update to our privacy policy

As things change nowadays Sail in Greece Adventures might have to alter, change or revise parts of this Privacy Policy. These alterations will also stand to your personal information collected/gathered and at a previous version of the Policy. Hence Sail in Greece Adventures reserve the right to make any alterations to this Policy Privacy from time to time and the updated version will be posted on our website.


Contact us for new queries or bookings you have with us

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Contact us for new queries or bookings you have with us