Sail Greece vs Sail Croatia

Sail Greece vs Sail Croatia

Every year summer brings to my mind three specific things: the sea, the sun and some good relaxation time. But it also creates a new additional concern: where to spend the summer holidays this year?
By sailing on a yacht, I can easily get the first three things. So all that remains for me now is to find an answer to this last but still great summer problem.
In fact, the answer is much easier than you can imagine. If you asked me to choose between Sail Greece versus Sail Croatia,

I would directly choose the first one and I think the reasons are somehow obvious:

First of all, there is no other place in Europe that is known for its azure waters. The Ionian and the Aegean Sea are famous for their unrivaled beauty, the heavenly hues and the clean waters. Moreover, the breathtaking view to the islands is something that is difficult to forget. Instead, the landscapes in Croatia are totally conventional. This means that the Adriatic Sea is no way comparable with the dreamy waters of Greece. In short, Sail Greece is the perfect setting to live magical holidays.
Greece can also offer high quality holidays to the visitors. In particular, it is the ultimate gastronomic destination with Mediterranean flavors which will satisfy you to the utmost. Famous Greek recipes will certainly be available to be tasted aboard during the breakfast and the lunch menus, which are usually designed by famous Greek chefs. Greek food is delicious and light simultaneously, an ideal combination especially for the summer months. Does sailing in Croatia offer all these gastronomic treasures? I do not think so…
In addition, I would definitely choose to Sail Greece for the Architecture landscape. As the ship arrives to the Greek islands, beautiful white washed houses with blue roofs begin to appear on the horizon. This landscape is truly unique and remains etched in the memory of every visitor.

In conclusion, I left the most important thing. The key word for the perfect vacation is FUN. Nothing compares to the endless summer parties in Greece. I am already dreaming of the delicious cocktails on board, the fine Greek wine, the beautiful people and the dance at the beach parties. New acquaintances and high entertainment until the morning are promised!

For all these reasons, therefore, I know now where exactly I want to sail this summer. Sail Greece is like get to know a new magical world and this is an experience that I don’t want to lose.

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